Technology Expertise and Brokerage Center
Identification of problems
Identification and description of technology chain "gaps", prioritization and ranking
Technology Search
Search (including patent search) of technologies in the Russian Federation and countries that have not joined the sanctions in order to identify the most promising technological solutions
Developer Search
Search in Russia and countries that have not joined the sanctions for development teams capable of replicating these solutions or coming up with "patent-clean" analogs
Scientific and Technical consortia Forming
Shaping and managing S&T projects "from development to production"
Attracting funding for R&D
Attracting public and private funding for science and technology projects, R&D activities
Transfer of R&D to manufacturers
Transfer of R&D results and design documentation to machine-building cluster enterprises for production of GSOs
Unified order database
to submit a request for necessary spare parts, components, large-size equipment for subsequent R&D and engineering
Work stages
Establishment of scientific and technical partnership in the field of mining equipment engineering
Forming the needs of industrial customers for innovative technologies, taking into account the formation of technological focus and obtaining a reliable list of the needs of coal and mining companies-customers
Collecting, analyzing information, preparing a consolidated order for R&D and design and development work
Development of the Integrated Scientific and Technical Program "Mining Engineering"

Feasibility study of R&D and design and development work

R&D, development of working design documentation of spare parts, tools and accessories (PTA)
Re-engineering and local production of spare parts for operation of the current fleet of foreign mining equipment

R&D for the development of domestic large-size mining equipment

Staff training

Protection of intellectual property

Conducting technical expertise and certification of new products


Implementation of the CSTP "Mining and Mining Machinery Engineering"

Transfer of new samples of domestic large-size mining equipment to machine-building cluster enterprises