Members and industrial partners
Kemerovo State University

Grant holder
The largest university in Kuzbass, one of Russia's flagship universities
Extended R&D structure
High-tech research equipment
20 small innovative enterprises
Core facility for laboratory equipment
Engineering Centre
The region's largest cluster ohf high-performance parallel computing
Т.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical Universit
15 Laboratories
1 Modern Centre of Instrumentation and Analytical Equipment
10 Research and Academic Centres
6 Сentres of Engineering
Siberian State Industrial University
34 Education and Research Laboratories
11 Research and Academic Centres
2 Research Centres
4 Research and Methodological Centres
4 Centers of Innovation Consulting
1 Centre of Certification
1 Project and Implementation Centre for Innovative Technologies,
Department of Scientific Research
2 Centres for Collective Use of Laboratory Equipment
Kemerovo State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation
Centre for Collective Use of Laboratory Equipment
Central Scientific and Research Laboratory
Biological Databank
3 departments that carry out research work in the most important and most relevant fields of science and medicine
Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute
Hi-tech Scientific Equipment
Research Laboratory «Agroecology»
Research Laboratory «Design and Technological Support of Technical Systems of Agroindustrial Complex»
Research-Educational Centre (REC) «Processing of Agricultural Raw Materials and Food Technologies»
Kemerovo State University of Culture
Leading Western Siberian сomplex on training of higher qualified specialists in the sphere of social and cultural activities, tourism, cultural studies, social design, information and library technologies, choreography, visual, musical and theater arts
Federal Research Centre for Coal and Coal Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The Research Centre consists of the following Institutes:

Institute of Coal
Institute of Coal Chemistry and Material Science
Institute of Human Ecology
The physical infrastructure is represented by experimental stands and modern scientific and measuring equipment.
Regional Centre for Collective Use of Laboratory Equipment of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (about 20 units of unique and expensive equipment, with a total cost of about 150 million rub)
2 Unique Scientific Installations
Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases
World-Class Equipment for Genetic, Biochemical and Immunological Research
Equipment for Morphological Scientific Research Unique Scientific Installations for the Creation and Development of Medical Equipment
Кузнецкие ферросплавы
ПАО «Кокс»
СДС уголь
Foreign Partners of the World-Class Research and Academic Centre «KUZBASS»