Field events of the association
«Global Energy»
in Kuzbass
3-7 July
The Global Energy Prize is one of the most prestigious international prizes in the world and is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of energy
Since 2003, 48 scientists from 15 countries have been nominated for the prize.
The prize winners themselves were announced in July 2023 in the Kuzbass region for the first time in its history.
The event was called
«The Ceremony of Announcing the Names of the Prize Laureates».

XII International Russian-Kazakhstan Symposium

«Coal Chemistry and Ecology of Kuzbass»

On the basis of

Federal Research Centre of Coal and Coal Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

from 3 to 6 July


Within the framework of the XII International Russian-Kazakhstan Symposium

«Carbon Chemistry and Ecology of Kuzbass» a plenary session was held with the participation of members of the International Committee of the Global Energy Association, during which they discussed climate change, global environmental problems, contradictory approaches to the development of global energy in the 21st century, and the development of the carbon industry.

  • Valentin Nikolayevich Parmon
    Chairman of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Sergey Vladimirovich Alekseenko
    Scientific Director, Institute of Thermophysics
    Institute of Thermophysics named after С. С. Kutateladze Siberian Branch of the RAS, Academician of the RAS
  • Alexei Emilievich Kontorovich
    Scientific Director of A.A. Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The symposium was also attended by
representatives of the Global Energy Association
Byun William
CEO and Managing Director of New ASEAN Energy
Inc (Singapore)
Gave a presentation on the topic:
Climate, global environmental problems, carbon footprint and coal
Chung Raekwon
Chairman of the International Committee; Member of
the IPCC, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, Honorary Professor
at Incheon University (South Korea)
Gave a presentation on the topic:
Net zero, carbon neutrality and sustainability
Photos from the symposium

Ceremony of announcement of the names of laureates of the Global Energy International Prize

On the site of

branch of

Russian State Institute of Stage Arts


6 July


On 12 October 2023, the 20th Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony was held in Moscow. Alexander Novak, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, presented the Global Energy Prize to the 2023 laureates.

Key accomplishments of the ceremony
The shortlist for the prize

comprised of 15 scientists from 9 countries:

China, India, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and India

Solemn ceremony

The solemn ceremony was attended by:
  • Sergey Tsivilev, Governor of the Kemerovo Region
  • Sergey Brilev, President of the Global Energy Association, Nobel Peace Prize laureate
  • Rae Kwon Chung, Chairman of the International Award Committee (South Korea),
  • William Byun, Member of the International Award Committee (Singapore)

Hybrid format

more than 200 scientists, representatives of organisations participating in the Kuzbass Research and Education Centre and its industrial partners
Global Energy Prize Laureates
  • Zhong Lin Wang
    was awarded the prize in the category "Unconventional Energy" for his invention of triboelectric nanogenerators as a new energy technology for autonomous systems, the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence and large-scale blue energy harvesting.
  • Ruzhu Wang

    was selected in the New Energy Applications category for its research on sorption refrigeration, which has significantly improved the technology for utilising low-grade thermal energy to create high-efficiency cooling, and for its significant contribution to the development of a desiccant-based heat pump that has doubled the energy efficiency of cooling and heating.
Photos from the ceremony

Press- tour for

foreign journalists from

the BRICS countries

from 4 to 6 July


The main goal – to show 17 foreign journalists from Brazil, Mozambique, India, Zimbabwe, South Africa, China, Vietnam, Belarus and Russia the Kuzbass region
This event was held jointly with TV BRICS JSC from 3 to 7 July 2023. The journalists visited Chernigovets JSC, Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum-Reserve, Krasnaya Gorka Museum, and had a tour of the city of Kemerovo.
Photo gallery following the press - tour