Comprehensive scientific and technical program "CLEAN COAL – GREEN KUZBASS"
The purpose of Program "CLEAN COAL – GREEN KUZBASS"

The goal of the Program is to create a complex of technologies that:
- increase the efficiency of coal mining and processing,
- provide a high level of industrial safety and ecology,
- reduce the risks of occupational diseases.

A set of works coordinated according to tasks, terms and resources, including scientific research and stages of the innovation cycle before the creation of technologies, products and services.
The program aims at an effective management system of research, innovation, production and market of products based on partnership of scientific organizations and business, close cooperation of the Research and Academic Centre “Kuzbass“ projects.
Digital Mining Enterprise

Clean Coal Technologies
Integrated complex  processing of low-grade coal and by-product coal
Robotic – mining operating systems
Efficiency effective upgrade of coal handling
Waste-free nature-like technologies
Health-saving Biochemical Technologies