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Kemerovo State University (the base organisation of the KuZbass Research and Education Centre) has been included for the first time in THE University Impact Rankings 2022

A total of 1,406 universities in the world, of which 94 are Russian, are ranked in THE University Impact Rankings 2022. Kemerovo State University is the only Kuzbass university in this prestigious list.

"Already two Kuzbass universities in the past week have been recognised at the highest international level. This was highly praised by independent experts. Kuzbass is becoming a region where it is prestigious to study. We create a modern training base in the region's higher education institutions, and we use our RECs to engage students, young scientists and production workers in joint projects. All this is important so that graduates of our schools do not seek education in institutions of the capital but come to us to get higher education from other regions of the country", - stressed governor Sergey Tsivilev.

The main assessment criteria in the ranking are international student and teacher mobility, the number of international scholarship programmes, the level of scientific research, the contribution to innovation, the citation of scientific articles, the level of educational services, etc.

Recall that earlier Kemerovo State Medical University has received international accreditation in several areas.

In addition, in anticipation of the start of the admission campaign on the portal of the aggregator of independent evaluation of higher education published a national ranking - 2022, which included 694 Russian universities. Kemerovo State University was ranked in the first league, which is the best indicator among higher education institutions in the Kuzbass.

It should be noted that Kemerovo State University scientists were included in the rating of the best researchers according to the international academic platform This rating is compiled on the basis of the Hirsch index, the number of publications, citations and other indicators related to specific areas of research. Among the leaders in the field of materials science and chemistry included representatives of Kemerovo State University: candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, a senior researcher at the Scientific Innovation Department of Kemerovo State University Victor Atuchin (in the ranking for chemistry took 6th place in Russia, as well as 3705th place in the world ranking: Hirsch index - 65, citations - 12,646, publications - 281); Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Head of the Laboratory of Carbon Nanomaterials KemSU Albert Nasibulin in the ranking on materials science took 4th place in Russia and 3161st place in the world: Hirsch index - 61, citations - 14,220, publications - 387).

For reference. THE University Impact Rankings is a global ranking of universities' impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals approved in 2015. These include urgent action by all countries in the spirit of global partnership to eradicate poverty, fight hunger, improve health and education, overcome social inequalities, address climate change, etc.