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The international popular science festival "Dinoterra" was held in KuZbass

One of the central events of the first international popular science festival "Dinoterra" was the scientific forum "The significance and uniqueness of the Shestakovsky complex for world science". The business program included a symposium with international participation, a popular science lecture series, exhibitions and excursions.

32 thousand people in three days visited "Dinoterra", about one million more viewers watched online broadcasting of the festival.

During the two days guests of the festival got to know interesting facts about the only place in the world, where the Siberian psittacosaurus lived - paleontological and archaeological complex Shestakovo, during the lectures of eminent scientists. Lecturers told about unique findings, such as earthen head of Tagar archeological culture, lost world of Siberian Scythians, mysteries of rock art, Siberian orchids, Shestakovo butterflies, geological features of Shestakovo, little-known facts about flora and fauna of the area. The lecture was organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the KuZbass.

Alexander Pushnoy, a physicist by training and former host of an informative program "Galileo" took part in the "Lecture-room" and performed several musical numbers. As the presenter noted, what makes "Dinoterra" unique is that it combines science and show.

"All children are inquisitive by nature. Parents need to discern what areas a child is interested in, and create the conditions for him to do it. Such a festival is necessary so that a person can understand that he is interested in science, "- said Alexander Pushnoy.

Also during the festival researchers took part in an international scientific symposium "The importance and uniqueness of the Shestakov complex for the world science". The participants discussed the development of the paleontological complex of Kuzbass, identified new promising areas of research in paleontology, archaeology, geology and biology. The discussion was organized at the "Raskop" site.

The participants of the event were Deputy Governor of Kuzbass on culture, sports and tourism Sergey Alexeev, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS Academician, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Director of the Institute of Archaeology RAS Nikolai Makarov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kuzbass Irina Ganieva and others.

At the site "Excavation" were organized interactive excursions for guests of the festival "Dinoterra", demonstrating the uniqueness of the geological and paleontological natural monuments of Kuzbass on a planetary scale. Everyone could also visit "Archekas" - the place of active archeological excavations, the exposition "Shestakovo III burial mound" - it is one of the most significant places of dinosaur fauna in the world. Remains of more than 25 species of diverse animal groups, including fish, amphibians, turtles, crocodile-like reptiles, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, birds, beasts and mammals were found here.

The organizers arranged master classes for children and teenagers. At the popular science interactive "Artifact with your own hands" guests were taught the basics of 3D modeling. Student volunteers at the master class "Restoration of ancient ceramics" taught children and adults to reconstruct fragile products from the original fragments, which were touched by the hands of ancient craftsmen.

Alexander Pushnoy, the group "Pelageya" and its soloist, Honored Artist of Russia Pelageya performed on the big stage of the festival. Then the evening continued with a flash mob "Dinosaur sends greetings into space" and drone show which was held for the first time in Siberia and was dedicated to the celebration of 125 millionth anniversary of Siberian Psittacosaurus.

Walking and horseback riding tours along the famous ecological trail were organized for the guests of the popular science event.