News RAC Kuzbass

ASI Corporation (member of REC KuZbass) expands its presence in international markets

In the course of implementation of one of the export contacts, engineers of one of the leading companies of Mongolia - Bodi International LLC (part of the BOGD GROUP), visited the production complex of the Kuzbass enterprise.

BOGD is one of the largest companies in Mongolia. The group is involved in large-scale projects in the fields of rail infrastructure, banking, real estate, construction, and mining.

In Kuzbass, engineers of Bodi International LLC have upgraded their skills and mastered the Saturn measuring system made by ASI Corporation.

The Saturn system includes a strain gauge coupler, pressure sensor, a set of secondary equipment and allows automatic determination of longitudinal-dynamic forces values in the impact and pulling couplers. This data is needed to optimise locomotive control systems and is actively used when testing rolling stock of increased weight and length, also in the process of verifying the mathematical model of rolling stock-rail interaction being developed.

The programme of the Mongolian delegation's business visit, in addition to the educational intensification, included direct negotiations with the ASI Corporation's engineering division, as well as a tour of the company's production comple