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The KuZbass REC summarises the results of the international youth competition for environmental projects

The experts (ANO Scientific and Educational Centre "KuZbass", Ministry of Science and Higher Education of KuZbass, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of KuZbass, higher education institutions of the region, as well as the association of specialists in environmental protection "ECOprofessional" (Moscow)) announced the results of the competition aimed at finding youth initiatives in the "ecology" direction. The call for applications began in April 2022. Contestants were offering their ideas on improving the environment in an industrial region.

A total of 55 projects were submitted by students from higher educational institutions, colleges and technical schools; 23 of them focused on volunteering environmental initiatives. In addition to the Kuzbass universities, students from Uzbekistan's educational institutions (Namangan Engineering and Construction Institute, Termez Institute of Engineering and Technology and others) also took part in the intellectual competition.

Winners were selected in five categories.

Nomination Best Eco-volunteer Initiative for Eco-Education of Kemerovo Region

The project "Creation of a mobile application for waste sorting using artificial intelligence technology "EcoSiberia".

Authors: S.V. Kuranova, O.S. Loginova, O.E. Khludova, T.S. Bulavskaya, M.V. Zherebtsova, Y.A. Krelikh, E.V. Mineshkina, A.P. Tikhonov, D.R. Yunusov, D.O. Chistyakov.

(Novokuznetsk, "Kuzbass College of Architecture, Construction and Digital Technology").

Nomination "The best eco-initiative for the conservation of natural biodiversity of the Kemerovo region.

Project "Reforestation".

Author: A.V. Grigoryev (Prokopyevsk, V.P. Romanov Prokopyevsk Mining and Technical College).

Project Supervisors: S.I. Mushnitskaya, E.V. Zrayeva.

Nomination "The Best Eco-Marketing Project".

The project "Smart eco-city".

Author: A. Perepelkina (Novokuznetsk).

Nomination "Best eco-innovation in university environment "Park project".

Author: E.Y. Sivkova (Salair city).

Supervisor of studies: E.A. Bereslavets.

(Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy).

Nomination "Best Eco-Engineering Solution".

Intelligent digital platform for ash and slag waste accounting and industrial use" project.

Project author: D.A. Derksen, V.A. Vasilevsky (Kemerovo).

Scientific supervisor: Prof. A.G. Pimonov.

The experts also noted the following works:

- Project "Socially significant environmental project "Green island" as an eco-initiative for conservation of natural biodiversity of Kemerovo region.

Author: V.K. Tolkacheva (Kemerovo, Kemerovo municipal construction vocational school named after V.I. Zauzelkov).

Project leader: Y.S. Kurbatova.

- Friendship Trees" project as an eco-volunteer initiative for eco-education in the Kemerovo region.

Author: Popov D.D., Praikin S.K. (Kiselevsk, Kiselevsky Polytechnic College).

Project supervisor: Shcherbakova E.B.

- Project "Ecopacking" as ecoinnovation in university environment

Author: A.N. Zabrodina (Kemerovo, Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy).

Project leader: E.A. Bereslavets.

- Project "Development of software complex of ecological monitoring with application of Internet of things concept" as eco-engineering solution.

Authors: S.O. Fedorov, V.A. Veliky (Kemerovo, Kuzbass Technical State University named after T.F. Gorbachev).

- Project "Taking Care Easy" as eco-innovation in university environment.

Authors: Pyankova E.N., Dmitrieva O.K. (Tashtagol, Tashtagol Technical School of Mining Technology and Service).

- project "Environmental action "Darcy through the elements" as an eco-volunteer initiative for eco-education of Kemerovo Oblast population".

Authors: K.K. Erokhina, Y.A. Golovina, Y.S. Shabalina (Kemerovo, Kuzbass State Technical University).

- Project "Environmentally safe processing of iron-containing waste in the metallurgical industry (on the example of the tailings of Abagurskaya agglofactory, Novokuznetsk)".

Authors: A.O. Aksenova, I.V. Vanyugin, P.S. Vasilenko, A.M. Zhalnina, O.O. Kleimenova, N.V. Kruglova, E.A. Malishevskaya, M.D. Yakovleva (Novokuznetsk, Siberian State Industrial University).

Supervisor: Prof. A.S. Vodoleyev.

10 competitive youth works are recommended by experts to participate in the federal contest These are the works which contain in their basis eco-engineering solution or innovative component:

The date and time of awarding the winners and laureates will be announced later.