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The Pushkin Meetings festival for foreign students of KuZbass higher educational institutions came to an end

In Kemerovo State Medical University ended a festival dedicated to the cultural heritage of Russia. International students from six universities of Kuzbass were the participants of the event. The event was aimed at uniting foreign students of Kuzbass universities around a common interest in the Russian language, culture, history of Russia and its present.
At the seminar "How We Discover Pushkin" students from India and Tajikistan made presentations about the life and work of Russian poets and writers. The students also submitted drawings on the topic "The Russian World in Pushkin's Art.
The concluding event of the festival was a recitation contest "Enchantment with Pushkin's verse". Students from China, India, Egypt, Tajikistan and Belarus read excerpts from lyrical works of Russian poets. All those present were able to appreciate the greatness and uniqueness of Russian works.
The jury of experts chose 6 winners. Among the best foreign students of Kemerovo State Medical University, Kemerovo State Institute of Culture, Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy, Siberian State Industrial University, students from the preparatory department of the Kuzbass State Technical University named after T.F. Gorbachev. There were also determined the participants, whose works were awarded with incentive prizes.
All participants of Pushkin Meetings festival have received an annual subscription to the "Russian as a foreign" platform materials from the partner of the competition - IP Media Company.
The organizers of the festival were "Kuzbass" and Kemerovo State Medical University. Co-organizers - higher educational institutions of the region with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kuzbass. The partner of the festival is LLC Company "IPR Media".

Pictures of participants and a photo report of the festival events: