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SibGIU's Italian partner (a member of the Kuzbass REC) has opened an office in Novokuznetsk

The active phase of the project initiated by the Governor of Kuzbass for the construction of a casting and rolling complex at EVRAZ ZSMK in Novokuznetsk has started. An agreement to this effect was signed at SPIEF.

The office will become a one-stop shop for the participants of the project for the construction of the QSP-DUE foundry and rolling mill designed for the production of sheet metal at EVRAZ ZSMK. The plant will be the first regional project of the unique eco-friendly technology, the so-called "green metallurgy". Each year Danieli invests about 250 million Euros in the development of new production methods that will enable it to reduce CO2 emissions. The opening of the office will create a single site for all participants in the LPC project.

"Creating a comfortable environment for business, increasing the region's investment appeal and diversifying the economy are important tasks for us. Let me remind you that the validity of all four special economic zones has been extended until 2030 and a fifth territory with a preferential tax regime - Kuzbass Special Economic Zone - is being created. We see the result of this complex work in the implementation of projects that are significant, including from an environmental point of view. These are new opportunities for investors and prospects for the development of the region's economy, new production facilities and jobs," said Governor Sergei Tsivilev.

The project will allow EVRAZ ZSMK to produce 2.5 million tonnes of high quality, high value-added products per year, and will create over 350 additional jobs for Kuzbass citizens as well as introduce the best technologies to mitigate the negative impact on the environment. EVRAZ has invested over $700 million in the project, and the plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2025.

According to Denis Arkhipov, Project Implementation Director, the office will bring together Danieli's customers, engineering resources in several countries and design organisations in Russia, including Novokuznetsk, for quality work.

The strategy proposed by Antonello Colussi, President of Danieli Russia, is to localise production and technology development in the metallurgical sector in the Russian Federation and to export it to third countries.

Danieli is a leader in supplying a wide range of technologies for the metals industry. The company is actively developing advanced technologies in green metallurgy in Russia with the involvement of Russian design and research institutes, as well as working with Russian universities. For example, in September 2021 an agreement was signed with SibGIU on cooperation in research, education, social and other spheres. It will make it possible to implement coal, metallurgical and machine-building projects on the platform of the world-class Kuzbass scientific and educational centre.

Danieli's representative office in Kuzbass is the third in the country. The company cooperates with all major metallurgical enterprises: EVRAZ, Severstal, OMK, NLMK, Metalloinvest, MMK, Novostal, Rusal, KUMZ and others.