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Specialists of the Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry of SB RAS and Scientific and Educational Center "Kuzbass" took part in the 61st European Economic Congress

On August 22-26, the 61st European Regional Science Association (ERSA), devoted to the economic development of countries and regions under conditions of digitalization and external constraints, took place in Pécs (Hungary).

In the online format, the Chairman of the Committee on the coal industry NOC "Kuzbass", Chief Researcher of the Institute of Coal FIC UUH SB RAS, Dr. Sergei Mikhailovich Nikitenko and a leading researcher of the Institute of Coal FIC UUH SB RAS, Ph. Elena Vladimirovna Goosen presented the report "Upgrade of value chains and the effect on resilience of coal industry regions on the path of energy transition.

The report "Patent analytics as a tool for development of resource-type regions" was presented by Mikhail Korolev, research associate of the Institute of Coal FITC UUKh SB RAS and the head of the patent office of ANO "Scientific and Educational Center "Kuzbass", Ph.D. Maria Anatolyevna Mesyats (who is also the head of the Laboratory of patent analytics of the Institute of Coal FITC UUKh SB RAS). The paper analyzes the possibility of competitive environment research and assessment of the potential effect of introducing promising technological solutions based on the use of patent landscapes. The authors suggest that oriented adaptation of patent analytics tools will solve a large-scale scientific problem - to identify patterns in the process of patent research and the construction of patent landscapes on this basis. The relevance of the research lies in the possibility and necessity of using patent analytics as a tool for the formation of growth points of high-tech sectors of the economy.

The reports are based on the results of scientific researches within the framework of grants of the Russian Science Foundation on the following topics: "Stress resistance of coal industry in conditions of energy transition and decarbonization" (leader Sergey Mikhailovich Nikitenko, Agreement № 22-28-01803) and "Management of the process of formation of high-tech sectors of the economy of coal-mining region on the basis of patent analytics" (leader Maria Anatolievna Mesyac, Agreement № 22-28-20513).