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SibGIU (member of Scientific and Educational Center "KuZbass") strengthens cooperation with scientific and educational organizations of the People's Republic of China

The first university of Kuzbass signed a cooperation agreement with Wenzhou University. The partner university is one of the world's top 500 universities in engineering, earth sciences, physical and mathematical sciences, chemical engineering, computer sciences according to the international rankings of Simago IR and ARWU.

SibGIU and Wenzhou University have been cooperating for six years. For example, the Department of Natural Sciences named after Professor V.M. Finkel implements a joint research project with the People's Republic of China "The study of high-entropic alloys produced by cold metal transfer technology. Candidate of Science Irina Panchenko received an internship at Wenzhou University and headed the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and Image Processing at SibGIU.

At a meeting of the SibGIU Dissertation Council there was a public defense of the PhD thesis by the graduate of the partner university, Wang Yanhu. The Chinese scientist chose a topic in the field of metallurgy and heat treatment of metals and alloys.

"Our young scientists received a scholarship from the President of Russia and twice went to Wenzhou University for an internship. Having signed the agreement, we hope to jointly develop a number of other projects. They are already in the "to be signed" folders, and their start is not far off," Alexey Yuriev, the rector of the first university of Kuzbass, emphasized.

The universities' plans include:

- training at SibGIU of undergraduate and graduate students recommended by Wenzhou University within the quota for foreign students to study in Russia in areas of mutual interest;

- development of joint educational programs in materials science and other areas;

- academic exchange of students under agreed educational programs;

- lectures by leading experts of the parties at the partner university;

- joint supervision (consulting, reviewing) of graduate qualification works;

- exchange of teaching materials, joint preparation and publication of textbooks;

- conducting joint research work in areas of mutual interest;

- research internships for employees, students and graduate students;

- Participation in scientific conferences, seminars held by universities, and organization of joint conferences;

- preparation of joint applications for competitions under research funding programs announced by Chinese and Russian research foundations.

SibGIU has experience in obtaining funding for joint research projects from Russian research foundations and industrial partners. About 40 research projects have been implemented on the basis of scientific laboratories and centers.

Another agreement was signed between SibGIU and Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences as part of an online meeting. Rectors Alexei Yuriev and Huang Weijiu signed the document.

For the universities, this document is the start of a joint educational program in "Computer Science and Computer Engineering-Computer Science and Technology".

The universities plan academic exchanges of students, research internships for staff, undergraduate and graduate students, the organization of joint conferences, and the preparation of applications for competitions under research funding programs.

Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences has a large library collection of 4.5 million volumes. The university ranks among the top 300 universities in China according to one of the world's leading university rankings, ARWU. For example, a 2005 report on higher education published in The Economist described the ARWU as one of the "most widely used rankings of world universities.