Rainbow of national cultures
20 October –
20 November 2023
Intellectual game "Kuzbass Unites"



Content and conditions of the competition:

1. Competition between student teams in an intellectual game.
The main topics of the competition: the Kuzbass region, history and traditions of the peoples of the world.
2. Performances of student teams with creative amateur performances on the theme "friendship between nations" (national songs, poems, dances).

For participation it is necessary to register your team.
Kuzbass State Library for Children and Youth
(Kemerovo, 21, Arochnaya St., 3rd floor, assembly hall)
Awarding according to the results of the competition:

1 team - the winner from the participants of the intellectual game, the other teams receive incentive prizes.
At the end of the intellectual game general tea party of the contest participants.

Audience of the competition:

International students studying at universities in Kuzbass
Intellectual quiz and a photo contest


Content and rules of the contest:

1. Intellectual quiz "Fascinating facts about Russia and Kuzbass region"
It consists of 2 stages of testing: simple and advanced levels.
Awarding at the end of the competition:

12 winners, incentive prizes will also be awarded.

Audience of the competition:

  • International students studying at higher education institutions of Kuzbass
  • International students studying and residing outside the Russian Federation
2. Creative contest "Photo of my country".
To participate, it is necessary to attach a creative work with the author's commentary to the photo in Russian or English in the registration form