Project 8

Digital platform for monitoring fugitive greenhouse gas emissions and their reductions from clean coal technologies

"Digital Solutions and Technologies"

Development and implementation of a digital platform for monitoring of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions

  • Structure of a digital platform for monitoring fugitive greenhouse gas emissions, providing efficient processing of requests for analysis of raw data of coal mining and coal processing enterprises in interactive mode

  • Algorithms for data recovery of time series of underground and surface coal mining volumes, coal mine methane content, coal preparation and transportation volumes

  • Methodology for calculating the sensitivity of fugitive emissions to model variables (coal production volumes, coal seam gas content, coal processing and transportation volumes)
    Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry
    SB RAS
The results of 2022
  • Analytical review of modern scientific and technical, normative, methodological literature affecting the scientific and technical problem investigated in the framework of research and development. It is established that in order to increase the reliability of the results of quantitative determination of methane and carbon dioxide emission volumes during coal mining it is necessary to clarify the coefficients determining the methane content in the extracted coal
  • Patent research was carried out to check the patentability of techniques and technologies for assessing fugitive emissions of greenhouse gases during coal mining and subsequent handling of coal. More than 120 documents were reviewed, of which 70 relevant to the topic were selected in accordance with the search regulations
  • The structure of a digital platform for quantitative accounting of greenhouse gas emissions from coal mining and subsequent coal handling based on client-server interaction organized via HTTP protocol through REST API controller was developed
  • Regulations for calculation of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions at coal mining and coal processing enterprises were developed, which includes assessment of CH4 and CO2 emissions during underground coal mining, CH4 emissions during surface coal mining, CO2 emissions during surface coal mining (transport emissions), CH4 emissions after underground coal mining during its transportation and processing
  • The methods of calculation of fugitive greenhouse gas emissions based on the use of data on the volumes of extracted coal and emission factors for each emission category are substantiated
  • The information on CH4 and CO2 content in coal seam degassing system is generalized and presented in the form of reference material, which is used in calculations in the absence of actual data: density of these gases for different measurement conditions characterized by pressure and temperature changes; methane emission factors during coal mining by open-cut method (0.3÷2.0 m3/t) and subsequent handling of coal mined by underground method (0.9÷4.0 m3/t)
  • Proposals for work on the digital platform for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions at subsequent stages of its development include: justification of the structure and formats of input and output data, as well as exchange files to ensure interaction between program modules; development of the digital platform software; filling the database with reference data on greenhouse gas emission factors of Level 2; test tests of the functioning of individual modules of the digital platform and inter-module interaction
  • The developed databases contain up-to-date methodological and user data, including: Access Directory (Access); Positions; Companies; Protection Keys (Guards); etc. Also defined is the PosgreSQL database management environment, which is created using the SQL programming language
  • Consumers of the Digital Platform are coal mining enterprises: OOO "SUEK Kuzbass", OOO "Raspadskaya Coal Company", OOO "PMH", OOO "Kuzbassrazrezrezugol", OOO "Northern Kuzbass Coal Company", OOO "MMK-Ugol", AO HK "SDS-Ugol", PAO Southern Kuzbass, OOO "Kuzbass Fuel Company", OOO "Sibuglemet", OOO "Stroyservice".