Project 14

Personalized program for prevention of circulatory system diseases in large industrial regions

"Ecology and health conservation"
  • Development of an approach to assessment and forecasting of circulatory system diseases (CSD) in conditions of chronic anthropogenic pollution of highly urbanized region on the basis of intellectual methods of decision support system (DSS)

  • A biodegradable vascular prosthesis with a diameter of 4 mm or less has been developed with improved thromboresistance due to modification of the prosthesis surface with antiaggregants and anticoagulants

  • Anti-inflammatory membranes with intrinsic anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity based on biocompatible biodegradable polymers and pharmaceuticals for cardiovascular and abdominal surgery were developed

  • New high-tech medical devices for cardiovascular surgery developed
    Research Institute of Complex Problems
    ZAO «NeoKor»
The results of 2022
  • As a result of the implementation of the activity the facts were determined that the problem of circulatory diseases (hereinafter referred to as CVD) and the development of primary and secondary prevention measures should be solved in a personalized manner for each country and region. In this connection the analysis of the prevalence of circulatory system diseases and their risk factors in different population groups of the highly urbanized region - Kuzbass was carried out. Modern solutions in the field of HCC risk management, methods of their prevention, treatment and necessary rehabilitation of HCC applied in different population groups, clinical and organizational technologies of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of HCC in the presence of comorbid and/or occupational pathology in certain high-risk cohorts of the population were determined.
  • An interdepartmental program "Prevention of circulatory system diseases in the employees of coal mining enterprises of the Kemerovo region" was developed (as part of the Regional Program "Fighting Cardiovascular Diseases" for 2022-2024). The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life, to preserve health and reduce mortality of employees of coal mining enterprises in Kuzbass by implementing a set of necessary measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in order to preserve their work activity in the profession,
    reduction of economic losses on payment of benefits
    in connection with incapacity for work; regressive risks of disability; reduction of cases of sudden death at the workplace.
  • Unique prototypes of biodegradable medical devices - anti-spaecal membranes and vascular grafts were created. The development and market launch of biodegradable anti-spay membranes with their own anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity will reduce the number of complications after thoracic and abdominal cavity surgeries, the traumatic nature of surgical intervention in case of the need for repeated surgery, and improve the quality of life of patients after cavity surgeries.
  • A functional active biodegradable vascular graft of small diameter with atrombogenic and anti-aneurysmatic protection was developed and brought to the market, which will eliminate the issue of the lack of effective vascular prostheses with a diameter of 4 mm. The prototype of the biodegradable vascular prosthesis with an outer layer was made of polyurethane.
  • A preliminary evaluation of antibacterial activity, hemocompatibility and physical and mechanical properties of biocompatible materials used for reconstructive interventions on the cardiovascular system was performed.