Project 13

Innovative technology of treatment of open-pit and surface waste water for enterprises

surface coal mining

"Ecology and health conservation"

Development of technology for wastewater treatment of coal mining enterprises by open-pit methods to improve the ecological condition of water bodies

  • Technology containing adsorption purification of a complex multicomponent system, using modified sorbents allowing to extract organic and inorganic impurities

  • The ways of regeneration of spent sorbents are offered, which lead to their multiple use without reduction of adsorption properties and will provide resource saving
    AO YK «Kuzbassrazrezrezugol»
The results of 2022
  • Analytical review of modern scientific and technical, normative, methodological literature, touching upon the scientific and technical problem investigated in the framework of the project. Analyzed the operation of existing treatment facilities at different stages of treatment with the identification of problem areas and shortcomings in the work
  • The research on the methods used in the technology of treatment of open-pit and surface wastewater for open-pit coal mining enterprises has been carried out. To remove sulfate, nitrate, nitrite, chloride ions, hardness salts, reagent method, biological method, ion exchange and reverse osmosis are used; oil products - coagulation, sorption, flotation; heavy metals - filtration, ion exchange, sorption.
  • On the basis of the conducted research, the selection of research areas for the development of an effective technological solution for wastewater treatment is preliminarily carried out. Thus, a comparative analysis of technologies used in the field of treatment of open-pit wastewater, their advantages and disadvantages, evaluation of the work of existing treatment facilities at different stages of treatment with the identification of problem areas, qualitative and quantitative composition of wastewater on the territory of coal mines with different localization, their volumes will allow to choose the most appropriate solution for wastewater treatment. Taking into account economic and environmental feasibility, availability of materials and reagents, the direction of further scientific research lies in the application of reagent and sorption methods of wastewater treatment. Theoretical and experimental studies will allow for the first time to establish adsorption behavior (regularities, features, mechanism of interaction with the sorbent surface, mutual influence on the process) of contaminants present in the wastewater of coal mining enterprises engaged in open-cut coal mining, differing in chemical properties during their extraction from aqueous solutions of individual components and mixture on active coals, differing in the technology of obtaining, texture and surface chemistry. To obtain new knowledge about regularities of kinetics, dynamics, mass transfer mechanism during adsorption of contaminants from individual solutions and mixture. To develop new ways of modification of active carbons taking into account adsorption mechanism, structural characteristics of sorbents, surface chemistry and chemical properties of components in order to increase adsorption capacity of sorbents. The development of innovative technology of treatment of open-pit and surface waste water for open-pit coal mining enterprises will allow solving social, economic and environmental problems of resource-oriented region and will contribute to the restoration and ecological rehabilitation of water bodies.