Project 11

Development of a control system for autonomous vehicles based on projected trajectory of motion

"Digital Solutions and Technologies"

Develop a system to ensure the movement of autonomous vehicles along the technological site based on light guide markers projected along their intended route

  • Development and implementation of new technologies for control and positioning of autonomous vehicles (AVs) at industrial sites, allowing to simplify and accelerate the commissioning of a site with autonomous vehicles, while significantly reducing the cost of both the autonomous vehicle itself and preparatory measures for the commissioning and operation of the site
    Federal research
    Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry
    SB RAS
    ООО "Kuzbass
    Welding and Control Center"
    ООО «InLAB»
The results of 2022
  • Algorithms for obstacle avoidance, motion control and route adjustment of a mockup of an autonomous vehicle based on machine vision and light marker illumination are implemented
  • Machine vision realizes the process of video information extraction, identification and transformation. The difference of the approach is the processing of not the whole image, but only the segmented part from the projected laser markers (Pic. 1, 2). Image processing is realized by LabVIEW software tools and a set of algorithms of the Vision Assistant environment for video scene processing: morphological analysis; illumination amplification of the segmented part by filtering; determination of geometric distances between the projected grid and the coordinate line of the laser marker
  • The developed algorithms and hardware-software means implementing them allow to carry out research of autonomous vehicle control on the basis of technical vision analysis of dependences of deviation of the coordinate line of the laser marker from the laser illumination of the trajectory at different levels of external illumination and road surface condition