Project 1
Development and implementation of ecologically balanced mining technologies based on digital transformation of drilling and blasting rock destruction processes at the Kemerovo Region - Kuzbass open-pit mines
"Coal mining and processing"

To increase the efficiency and safety of mining production processes by finalizing and implementing a set of organizational and technical solutions by means of conducting and processing the results of experimental mass explosions in the conditions of open-pit mines of OOO "Kuzbassrazrezugol"

  • The analysis of applied technologies of drilling and blasting operations at Kuzbass open-pit mines and identification of directions of their improvement was carried out

  • Algorithm of monitoring system operation and technical specifications for the design of a remote monitoring system for drilling and blasting operations were developed

  • A pilot sample of the system for monitoring the man-caused impact of industrial explosions on the environment was created.
    Institute for the Problems of Integrated Subsoil Development
    OOO "Kuzbassrazrezrezugol"
The results of 2022
  • The conducted studies have shown that one of the ways to safely increase the volume of one-time explosion (for the environment and residential and industrial facilities) is the use of innovative compositions of explosives based on porous emulsions of fuel mixtures, as well as special designs of charges
  • In the course of patent research, 128 patents were selected and studied, 61 of which were foreign. In the process of patent search, no protective documents were found that may prevent the application of the proposed technological solutions in the Russian Federation or abroad
  • As a result of the analysis of mining and geological and mining-technical conditions of mining operations, the Kedrovsky coal mine was selected as the object of research, the mining conditions of which and the applied blasting technologies are most typical for the majority of coal mines in the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass. The mandatory criteria for creating a system of remote monitoring of drilling and blasting operations at coal mines are defined
  • The methodology of instrumental measurements of explosive detonation velocity in the borehole, borehole opening time, seismic vibrations, air shock wave during mass explosions in the conditions of open-pit mining operations has been developed, which makes it possible to make a qualitative assessment of the impact of high-power industrial explosions on protected objects and the environment and to timely check and refine the maximum permissible parameters of mass explosions at coal mines, depending on the specific conditions of their performance
  • The program and methodology of experimental mass explosions at the enterprises of OOO "Kuzbassrazrezrezugol" were developed; it was noted that blasting without stripping leads to a characteristic release of dust and gas cloud and a significant increase in the negative impact on the ecosystem of the region. As a result of the analysis of mass explosions performed at Kaltansky, Kedrovsky and Krasnobrodsky branches in the period of 2020-2022, it was found that more than 90% of the explosions are accompanied by a characteristic release of a dust and gas cloud of large volume. This determines the need to conduct additional experimental explosions to verify the information provided on the applied drilling and blasting technologies and to establish a reliable relationship between the parameters of the implemented technological processes and the intensity of the negative impact on the environment, population, residential and industrial facilities
  • It has been established that for realization of control and monitoring of seismic and acoustic impact and emissions of harmful substances and gases into the atmosphere during coal mining by open-cut method it is necessary to develop an automated monitoring system including seismic and acoustic monitoring of impact on the adjacent territory of blasting operations and monitoring of aerosol pollution of the air basin taking into account meteorological factors. It is shown that the processes to be automated are continuous monitoring of seismic and acoustic impact of explosions at open-cut operations, control of the gas-dust cloud formed as a result of the explosion (size, volume, density, speed and direction of movement), control of the content of harmful substances and aerosols in the atmosphere